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Business & Professional English

Peacequest Business English sessions takes your career to the international level, If your answer is in the affirmative then you need business English and here is why.
Business English skills are vital for getting ahead in your career. If working effectively in an international environment is your goal, improving your business English vocabulary and knowledge is a must. Generally, it will open many doors and bring new career opportunities. There is a wide range of English language courses available in the market. All of them can help you improve your English skills. However, business English is a specialised part of English focused on the corporate language that is most commonly used in business world. It’s part of the skill set for the iternational business community. Business English courses include vocabulary and phrases used in business and profesional setting, business writing, delivering presentations, giving opinions, negotiating, describing graphs and charts as well as conducting and taking part in meetings. Moreover, there are aspects of business English related to teamwork, business travel, relationships building and preparing for a job interview. Obviously, you can opt for specialised business English courses that target specific areas such as law, finance, marketing and advertisement, commerce, politics, logistics, tourism, medicine, etc. Most students choose to study a particular business subject upon completion of a general business English course. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of learning business English.

Plung in English to the higher level

Peacequest business English will support you to improve your existing English skills as well as build up new knowledge. You will study vocabulary and expressions specific to your branch, you will learn how to write business correspondence and do other practical work-related tasks and, at the same time, you will have a chance to polish on your general English including grammar and pronunciation. On top of that, you will become more confident when speaking English due to practice and the interactive activities included in a business English course. You will be able to hold a conversation on both general and business-related topics.

Know current news and trends

In Peacequest Business English sessions you will frequently work with texts and articles from real-life newspapers and magazines (so-called authentic materials). In other words, you will have plenty of exposure to global news and trends in business. Moreover, some of your assignments might be connected with current news so you will always stay up-to-date, gain lots of general knowledge of the world and economy and even practice your analytical skills.

A gateway on how the business world sustains

We are living in a world of constantly growing levels of globalization, interconnectivity and intercommunication. There are business relations between companies from all over the world which makes the need to use a common language in communication rather obvious. While studying business English you will learn how international companies collaborate with one another, how they do business and build professional relationships. Simultaneously, improving your business English at Peacequest Education can have a great impact on your future career allowing you to advance faster than you’ve ever expected.

Grab unlimited and handsome Career Opportunities

With Peacequest Online Business skills  a good level of business English can help you get the job which you wouldn’t land without the knowledge of this global language in business context. Nowadays it’s rather indispensable to be able to express yourself confidently on a variety of topics in business environment if your intention is to have an interesting and well-paid position in a multinational. Even smaller companies, more often than not, do business with their foreign partners and, consequently, require their employees to have the ability to communicate freely both in written and spoken English.

It’s also easier to get promoted when you can take advantage over your colleagues or external candidates due to your business English skills. If you can participate in business meeting and video conferences , give presentations, negotiate effectively, make phone calls and exchange correspondence in English you stand a chance of being picked out for promotion before others in your department.

A real professional is born in you not hypocrite

Being able to use specialised vocabulary and phrases confidently and fluently will make you sound like a real expert and you will be treated more seriously in business. You might be a great specialist and get your point across successfully in your mother tongue but if you aren’t able to do the same in English at international meetings you won’t be perceived in the same way. As a result, in the eyes of people who you will be dealing with, your value as a professional may decrease a great deal in such circumstances. In other words, in order to avoid this type of situation, you have no choice but to get down to working on your business English!

As you can see, it’s crystal clear that if your aim is to excel at your job at an international level you need to place a lot of importance to perfecting your business English skills. Obviously, it requires some effort, time and dedication but, belive me, it will pay off. Don’t postpone it any longer and start as son as you can. The results of your work will be more satisfying and you will finally achieve your professional goals which used to be just a dream.

  • Minutes  of meeting
  • Business communications
  • Business calls
  • Phrasal Business verbs
  • Business Jargons
  • Learn Preparing meetings/conference/webinar agenda
  • Business online meetings/google meet/zoom meetings Calenders preparing
  • Business Plan
  • English Language
  • Meeting
  • Presentation
  • Email Writing
  • Business Communication
  • Communication
  • Professional
  • Writing
  • Negotiation
  • Planning
  • Language
  • Agreement Drafting
  • Legal Drafting

Basic English for Beginners

That includes learning new sounds  learning new words for things you’ve known your whole life and learning to count all over again.

Lower Intermediate English

Our mission to help you not just learn English, but to LIVE IT, and in doing so, together we will create a world beyond borders.

Upper intermediate

Help your students practise vocabulary describing crime and law enforcement with this set of vocabulary cards.

Lower Advance

You can use advanced configuration parameters to fine-tune content caching for your network configuration.

Upper Advance

That is, you can: express yourself fluently and spontaneously explain and justify opinions precisely and relate them to the contributions of others understand extended speech,


Extempore is a speech given at the spur of the moment without any prior preparation.


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Advance Group discussion

The literal definition of a group discussion is obvious: a critical conversation about a particular topic

Oratory sessions

Art means to put everything in its right place. That is, the art of listening is to listen to what is said without comparing it with what already you know.

Public speaking

Public speaking plays an important role in ones career. Let us go through the role of public speaking in career growth.

News Reading

This human activity consists in looking at, examining, and grasping the meaning of a variety of written and/or illustrated news, editorial or feature

Leadership Skills

There has been a misconception that the only thing required to work in the Social Sector is the will to make a difference. While passion is definitely important

Professional English

As you can imagine, reading business articles regularly keeps you informed on current events in the business world.

Business English

In this section, read magazine articles for intermediate (CEFR level B1) or upper intermediate (CEFR level B2) learners and improve your reading skills in English.

Voice & Accent training

Learning meaning, spelling convention, and pronunciation for all this—often irregular—English vocabulary requires substantial effort and the best support available.

Soft skills

This self-serving approach often leads to larger problems like corruption, poverty and war.

Personality Development

In these uniquely challenging times, the demand for effective leadership – in our organizations and in society – has never been greater.

Interview Techniques

The executive engaged in the normal conduct of business devotes much of his time to interviewing. 

Business & Professional English