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Peacequest Online GRE test prep course offers massive benefits that will escort you walk into the test prepared:
  • Practice the analytical writing, verbal and quantitative reasoning concepts tested on the GRE.
  • Attain proven test-taking strategies, like how to attack different types of problems, use the process of elimination, manage your time and avoid common distractions.
  • Develop your skills with sample tests that measure your progress and prepare you for typical exam question types.
  • Gain insight focus, discipline and accountability by studying alongside your peers.
  • Build confidence with tips that help reduce test anxiety and keep you focused.

Incessantly working with numerous students, Peacequest Education discovered that many students preparing for graduate programs struggle with GRE Vocabulary words. Over the years, we have created Ocean of

Vocabulary for our students as a study tool. This tried-and-true method to studying vocabulary is now available to you in a digital medium. First you can review the words, taking note of the ones you are very sure of, somewhat sure of, and do not know to help you to pinpoint your areas of weakness which need to be strengthened. For those looking for more,Peacequest Online Sessions have tutors across the globe as well as many online options, both private one-on-one lessons and group courses.
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Acing the Quantitative Aptitude and Assessment Section

Questions in this section are easy. However, accuracy is the key and hence, you need to take practice tests every day. Questions are generally basic and with regular practice, you can score 167+. Well, it is suggested to read from Manhattan Quantitative Aptitude 5lb GRE material as it has a host of diverse problems with varying difficulty levels. Judiciously spend the first month to complete ETS Official Guide and subsequently spend the next two months to complete Manhattan Quantitative Aptitude 5lb material. Allot at-least an hour to master the fundamentals. Prepare a ‘Cheat Sheet’ and jot-down all the important formulae. The Cheat Sheet will come handy and help you revise all the important stuff.

Acing the Verbal Reasoning Section

Be it any reputed examination in general and Graduate Records Examination in particular, aspirants generally find this section dispiriting and a thorn in their side. It is therefore suggested to complete the official ETS Guide as early as possible. If you are able to allot an hour/day, you will be able to complete the ETS Guide effortlessly. Once you are done with ETS Guide, ensure that you tickle your gray cells with Princeton Review Verbal material. You can complete this material in the next two months.

The Last Month

Subscribe for Magoosh GRE test series. Ensure that you take a mock GRE test every alternate day. It is also suggested to complete revising the entire material. Analyze your mock tests performance. Complete all the sectional tests and revisit the cheat sheets. Memorize all the basics and learn from your mistakes. Concentrate and persist in your honest endeavors. Remember, never lose confidence and always believe in your abilities.

The D-Day

Reach your examination center with all the necessary stuff such as pen, passport etc. at-least an hour before the reporting. Put in your best efforts and give what all it takes. I am sure that your score will surely be along the expected lines. All the best !!