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  • Clarity on your vision, purpose & value
  •  Overcoming limiting beliefs
  •  More self-confidence
  •  Managing difficult people
  • Strengthening leadership capabilities
  •  Developing new strategies for problem-solving
  •  Dealing with pain & allergies
  •  Creating more freedom & choice over your mindset

Peacequest Education  online NLP Training changes your realm of thought, A candidate learns to place himself in a superior order like the preference for where to place one’s attention during conversation, habitual linguistic patterns and body language, and so on. Related concepts in other disciplines are known as cognitive styles or thinking styles. For those of you who may not have heard of it, NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It is a personal development tool that is designed to help people in many aspects of their lives.

AUDIENCE – NLP Basic Practitioner

The NLP at Peacequest is designed for the following people.

  • Those interested in self-improvement, personal development
  • Those involved in helping other people benefit from NLP Practitioner training
  • For  Coaches and parents
  • For all types of Therapists
  • For mentors as well as Leaders or people employed in management teams
  •  For HR professionals
  • For Lawyers as well as  teachers
  • Entrepreneurs, Business owners, and IT managers
  • For Social workers and personal trainers
  • For Those eager to change their career and begin a coaching practice

Even if you don’t have any Insight or Acumen you master at Peacequest in knowing yourself as well as the world around you.

The NLP Basic Practitioner training does not require any prior knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. However, people with a bit of experience in NLP can benefit from the course.

One can attend online Training and access using a computer, laptop, or tablet.


  • Strengthen your self-awareness
  • Elevate your skills in social effectiveness
  • Reprogram your mind
  • Aim for optimal progress and achievement
  • Recognize possibilities for developing personal growth
  • Interact in a way that forms a profound connection with others
  • Communicate honestly, transparently, and assertively
  • Build dynamic people skills
  • Learn to implement NLP principles in day-to-day relationships
  • Create a future vision
  • Use NLP to align with values
  • Adopt an efficient goal-setting process to achieve success
  • Conflict intervention
  • Build conflict-proof relationships
  • Defeat procrastination


  • Sophisticated ‘building blocks of NLP training
  • Fundamental, linguistic, mental, and physical principles of NLP
  • Skills required for practical im[ementation
  • Identifying the contexts of thoughts
  • Identifying goals to use to organize experience
  • Defining well-structured outcomes
  • Strategies for learning, motivation, decision making, and creativity
  • Basic procedures
  • Working with the representational systems
  • Identifying and employing basic language patterns
  • Recognizing and using physiological cues and states
  • Establishing rapport
  • Communicating effectively
  • Achieving and maintaining states of excellence

Neuro-linguistic programming by Peacequest is a way of changes your thoughts and behaviors to help achieve desired outcomes for you..

Rewind your thoughts

Words can change your life

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Learn the power of mindfullness

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)