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International Teaching Diploma Course offered by International College of Teachers and Trainers is a complete international teacher training course which makes you eligible to teach Nursery, Primary, Montessori and Kindergarten children. You can teach children of age group 2-12 years. This course empowers you in managing all classroom tasks and analyzing the learning abilities. It provides through training in thematic planning, lesson planning and evaluation.

There is a huge demand for certified international teaching diploma teachers. You will have better opportunities to prosper in your career. After the successful completion of the course you can teach students of age group 2-12years.

This is an advanced level course for those who want to broaden their understandings about pre-school and primary level teaching. It includes case studies and research works associated with the course which makes you familiar.

PG Diploma Level

Duration: 360hrs / 18months

This level covers Nursery Teacher Training, Montessori Teacher Training, Pre Primary Teacher Training and Early Childhood Care Education and emphasizes on child psychology, and special needs education like learning disabilities and behavioural management. Child psychology helps to know the emotional and social development of children and provide them proper support.

Certification : Candidates will receive the certificate after successful completion of the course and submission of the assignments.

Life mentoring training program

  1. Specialised mentoring program
  2. Inner transformation
  3. Talk with your inner self
  4. Holistic approach to human behaviour.
  5. Awakening of energy.
  6. Thought transformation management
  7. Positive psyche knowledge and techniques
  8. Synaptic mind
  9. Emotional intelligence
  10. Transforming of aura and vibration
  11. Synaptic Cybernetic Mechanism of Brain
  12. Mindfulness
  13. Law of attraction
  14. Manifestation techniques
  15. Key to happiness

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